Caught on camera: man tries to smash window of driver’s car in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG —; A violent act of road rage, showing a man attempting to smash the window of a vehicle stopped traffic in St. Vital, was caught on camera.

The video shows Roman Jestadt and his brother driving near St. Anne’s road on Friday, when an SUV pulled beside them at a red light. It then shows Jestadt exchanging angry words with the driver and passenger of the SUV.

The next time the two vehicles came to a stop, the passenger in the SUV got out of the car, and attempted to smash Jestadt’s window.

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“I was thinking I’ve got to get out of here, but I’m kind of boxed in because they stopped in front and there’s car in the other lane, so I can’t really go anywhere. He’s just pounding on the glass,” Jestadt said. “It was really a surreal kind of experience.”

Jestadt and his brother were able to drive off without getting hurt and quickly called the cops.

“The fact he’s trying to smash my window, it’s like they’ll probably have no problems ramming my car. At that point so I was literally fearing for my life,” Jestadt said.

Winnipeg police confirmed they received a report of the incident on Sunday.

“There’s a number of things that I think it’s fair to say that we have reviewed so far that are contained in the video that are concerning to us,” said Constable Jason Michalyshyn with the Winnipeg Police Service.

No one has been charged.

CAA Manitoba called the incident disheartening.

If drivers find themselves in a situation like this, the goal should be deescalation, said Erika Miller with CAA Manitoba.

“If someone seems to be getting aggressive with you on the road leave some space between you and that car. If they seem like they want to get into a fight and get some eye contact going, avoid eye contact,” she said.

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