Economy Shoe Shop joins legal action against Nova Centre construction

The Economy Shoe Shop Cafe and Bar has joined the claim for compensation in connection to the construction of the Nova Centre in downtown Halifax.

There are now five local businesses that have retained Wagners Law Firm, including The Wooden Monkey restaurant, The Carleton Music Bar & Grill, Attica Furnishings and Biscuit General Store.

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According to Wagners, the businesses are hoping to recover the losses suffered during the prolonged construction of the convention centre. The project began in January 2013 and has been delayed several times. It is currently scheduled to be complete in early 2017.

Business owners have complained about street and sidewalk closures, reduced parking, noise, dust and in some cases, utilities being cut off with little warning and no compensation.

The defendants — all three levels of government, Argyle Developments Inc., its parent company Rank Incorporated and the Halifax Convention Centre Corporation — received notice last Monday.

Lawyer Ray Wagner told Global News his clients are seeking compensation for injurious affection and hope to reach an agreement on compensation through negotiation. If that is not successful, Wagner will make a claim for compensation to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

He expects compensation to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for each business.

In response to the legal action, the municipality’s legal team said last week they do not believe a claim for injurious affection under the Expropriation Act applies to them.

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