John Oakley Show – March 1, 2017

In case you missed it, the John Oakley show brought you the big stories of the day by talking to the story makers.

Mississauga residents displaced by Hickory Drive explosion get tax break

Mississauga councillors voted to offer grants on the city portion of property taxes to homeowners displaced by Hickory Dr. explosion after getting criticized for initially saying they would not waive the taxes.

Residents displaced by Mississauga house explosion will not pay portion of property tax

One of those residents, Mena Suh, told the John Oakley show she wants a full rebate for the taxes she has paid in the home she has not been able to live in since the explosion.

Councillor for Ward 3 Mississauga, Chris Fonseca, joined the show to detail a plan which would only rebate the municipal portion of the tax bill.

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Premier Kathleen Wynne to announce hydro relief plan

Reports indicate that the Premier of Ontario will announce a plan that will save Ontario residents 25 per cent on their hydro bills. Progressive Conservative MPP and Finance Critic, Vic Fedeli joined the Oakley show and said the plan just takes “money out of one pocket and puts it in another”

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The Oakley Panel

On the panel today, Oakley and friends discussed Trump Tower in BC, hydro rates in Ontario, and other topics worthy of discussion. Joining us in the AM640 studios today were:

Vince Gasparro – former advisor to Prime Minister Paul Martin and former Managing Director of The Green Tomorrow Fund; a Toronto-based Private Equity firm.

Peter Tabuns – MPP for Toronto-Danforth and the NDP’s Energy; Environment and Climate Change Critic.

Ross McLean –  former police officer, bodyguard and security expert, McLean has extensive experience in both public and private security. He also has media experience and is a television, radio and print commentator.

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