Donald Trump blames media for uproar over potentially anti-Semitic tweet

WASHINGTON  — Donald Trump is blaming the press for the fuss over an anti-Hillary Clinton tweet that appeared to depict the Star of David atop a pile of cash.

It was his first response to the matter since his official account tweeted— then deleted — the image Saturday in the face of an uproar over its potentially anti-Semitic connotations. Trump’s account later posted a new version with a circle in place of the six-point star.

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“Dishonest media is trying their absolute best to depict a star in a tweet as the Star of David rather than a Sheriff’s Star, or plain star!” Trump tweeted Monday.

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It remains unclear where the campaign found the image, but it previously appeared on a white supremacist message board filled with anti-Semitic messages as well as the 桑拿会所 feed of a self-identified comedian who tweeted out provocative and offensive images.

Trump’s campaign has not responded to questions since Saturday about who posted the message and where it was found.

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Sarah Bard, Clinton’s director of Jewish outreach, said in a statement Monday that “Trump’s use of a blatantly anti-Semitic image from racist websites to promote his campaign” was part of a pattern. “Now, not only won’t he apologize for it, he’s peddling lies and blaming others,” she added. “Trump should be condemning hate, not offering more campaign behavior and rhetoric that engages extremists.”

Trump has long professed his support for Israel and his daughter converted to Judaism before her marriage. But he has come under scrutiny for repeatedly re-tweeting posts from white supremacists’ accounts and for not immediately renouncing the support of former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke.

7 newborn puppies found abandoned off N.S. highway by Good Samaritan

The Nova Scotia SPCA is looking for whoever is responsible for abandoning seven newborn puppies on the side of the road in Heatherton, N.S.

According to the SPCA, a woman discovered a cardboard box near a carpool parking lot on Highway 104 across from an elementary school on Sunday.

Dayton – one of seven newborn puppies found abandoned in Heatherton, N.S. on Sunday.

Pick of the Litter Society/ Facebook

Cedric – one of seven newborn puppies found abandoned in Heatherton, N.S. on Sunday.

Pick of the Litter Society/ Facebook

Jacey – one of seven newborn puppies found abandoned in Heatherton, N.S. on Sunday.

Pick of the Litter Society/ Facebook

Idelle – one of seven newborn puppies found abandoned in Heatherton, N.S. on Sunday.

Pick of the Litter Society/ Facebook

Hedy – one of seven newborn puppies found abandoned in Heatherton, N.S. on Sunday.

Pick of the Litter Society/ Facebook

Gussie – one of seven newborn puppies found abandoned in Heatherton, N.S. on Sunday.

Pick of the Litter Society/ Facebook

Preya – one of seven newborn puppies found abandoned in Heatherton, N.S. on Sunday.

Pick of the Litter Society/ Facebook

When she approached the box, which was originally used for a vacuum cleaner, she could hear the puppies crying.

Inside, she found seven black newborn puppies with their umbilical cords still attached.

The puppies were discovered inside a box that used to hold a vacuum cleaner.

Nova Scotia SPCA/ Facebook

The puppies were eventually transported by volunteers to Pick of the Litter Society, an animal rescue in Bedford.

Inge Sadler, who runs the rescue, told Global News Monday the puppies weigh about 300 grams each and have an uphill battle ahead of them.

“They’re not even 24 hours old,” she said.

Sadler is trying to get the puppies to latch onto bottles, and says their immune systems are not strong since they haven’t had their mother’s milk.

The SPCA will not be accepting adoption applications for the puppies at this time because they are still too vulnerable.

They’re asking anyone with information on who may have abandoned the puppies to call their confidential cruelty line at 1-888-703-7722 or e-mail [email protected]长沙夜网.

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Historic Big Hitch of horses to ride again in Calgary Stampede Parade

Albertans call it the Big Hitch and when you see it, it’s easy to understand why.

Crews hooked up 30 Percheron horses to eight wagons Monday, all under the control of just one man: Neil Dimmock.

“This is the semi truck of today,” Dimmock told Global News in Strathmore, Alta.

“Back then (in the 1920s) if you wanted to move large and bulk items, you used many horses and many wagons.”

Slim Moorehouse’s Big Hitch in 1925 Calgary Stampede Parade with 36 horses and ten wagons.

Joan Riise

Dimmock and his volunteer crew are now trying to re-create history with the animals.

In 1925, Slim Moorehouse made history driving a hitch of 36 horses and 10 wagons in the Calgary Stampede Parade.

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The horseman broke a world record for the ride.

Moorehouse passed away in 1981, at the age of 71, but his daughter, Joan Riise, says he’d love that his work was being honoured.

“I think he’d think it was great.I really think he would,” Riise said. “Mind you he’d want to get up there himself and show them how it’s done,” she laughed.

Slim Moorehouse, in a photo provided by his daughter, Joan Riise.

Joan Riise

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    What’s new for Calgary Stampede 2016

    The hitch is attracting a lot of attention, not just in Alberta.

    Billy Wilson travelled from his home in Texas to volunteer with the crew.

    “To put this many animals in a hitch and be able to control them by one man is amazing to me.”

    Even farm-raised Albertans like Sharon Lashmar agree.

    “We used teams as kids, but you only had two or four (horses) hooked up…but to have more than two or four hooked up is pretty unique.”

    The roughly 100-kilometre journey from Gleichen, Alta. began July 2. By Thursday the group will be in Calgary to help recreate what Moorehouse accomplished in the ‘20s, and ride in the Stampede Parade.

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    Originally Dimmock wanted a hitch of the same size as Moorehouse, but due to a shortage of horses and restrictions on Calgary’s downtown streets, his hitch will be shortened to 20 horses and five wagons.

    The Calgary Stampede says it’s thrilled to welcome the Big Hitch, but also wants to ensure the safety of the horses, its other entries and the spectators lining the parade route.

    “In my opinion you’re more in danger from being struck by a band going by playing music than one of my horses,” Dimmock said.

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    He’s simply happy that new generations of Canadians can see one way this country was built.

    “It’s draft horse history, it’s Alberta history, it’s farming history.”

Dellen Millard to appeal murder conviction in death of Tim Bosma: lawyer

Dellen Millard will appeal his first-degree murder conviction in the death of Tim Bosma, meaning both men convicted in the slaying are now seeking to overturn their verdicts in the high-profile case.

Millard’s lawyer during the trial, Ravin Pillay, confirmed to Global News that Millard is seeking an appeal.

A lawyer for co-accused Mark Smich, who was also found guilty of first-degree murder, said after the verdict was handed down last month that Smich would be appealing.

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Pillay offered few details Monday, and could not say if he would be representing Millard for the appeal process.

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The jury deliberated for five days before coming to a decision June 17.

The conviction carries an automatic life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years, which means Millard and Smich won’t be eligible for parole before 2038 after being credited for time already spent in custody.

Both are barred from owning weapons or communicating with the Bosma family and have been ordered to submit a DNA sample for the national databank.

Tim Bosma: Jury finds Millard, Smich guilty of first-degree murder


Tim Bosma: Jury finds Millard, Smich guilty of first-degree murder


‘We have waited for justice’: Tim Bosma’s widow speaks Millard, Smich guilty verdict


‘Justice has been done’: crown attorney discusses Millard, Smich guilty verdict


Dellen Millard and Mark Smich guilty of first-degree murder in Tim Bosma murder

The two men are also charged with first-degree murder in the death of Laura Babcock, a 23-year-old Toronto woman who vanished in the summer of 2012. Police say Babcock, whose body was never found, was romantically involved with Millard. The trial into her slaying is expected to begin early next year.

Bosma’s disappearance on May 6, 2013 after taking two men for a test drive of his truck made headlines across Canada and sparked a massive week-long search that saw more than 100 police officers scouring Millard’s properties in Waterloo Region.

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Millard, the heir to an aviation empire, was arrested before Bosma’s charred remains were found. Smich was arrested more than a week later, just hours before a memorial service that saw hundreds pay tribute to the Hamilton man.

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A handout photo of Tim Bosma.

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