Winnipeg Transit’s reloadable Peggo cards ready for seniors to purchase

WINNIPEG —; Reloadable smart cards for Winnipeg Transit users are now on sale, a decade after former mayor Sam Katz first promised the new microchip-enabled payment system.

As of Monday, the Peggo card will be available for seniors. All other passengers will have to wait until Aug. 8 to get their hands on the plastic.

The $17 million system was originally supposed to be in place in June 2013, but technology issues kept pushing the date back.

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Seniors can purchase the smart cards at locations across the city, including all 7-Eleven and Shoppers Drug Mart locations, the city said in a media release Monday.

Cards can also be purchased at WinnipegTranist长沙桑拿 or by calling 311.

During the launch period, riders can continue using paper passes and tickets and are encouraged to use these items, as they will no longer be sold in the new year. Cash fares will still be accepted.

Peggo: everything you need to know

To use the smart card, tap it against the card reader on the farebox and wait for it to beep. There are two types of fares that can be loaded onto Peggo cards: e-passes and e-cash.E-passes will replace paper passes and are valid for an unlimited number of trips during a set number of consecutive days. Transit will offer passes that range from 24 hours, all the way up to an annual pass.E-cash will replace paper tickets, and is deducted from the card when it is tapped on the farebox. When paying with e-cash, a 75 minute transfer is automatically loaded onto the card, eliminating the need for paper transfers.Peggo cards can be purchased for $5. However, for a limited time when riders purchase their card and use it within 90 days of purchase, the $5 will be refunded to the card as e-cash.

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